Taking Diagnostically Acceptable Radiographs – The Importance of Being a Straight Shooter

Course Description

The need for quality, predictable, diagnostically acceptable radiographs while minimizing radiation for the patient is at the core of providing evidence based dentistry. Achieving optimum clinical outcomes can be sacrificed through utilizing radiographs of poor quality. Clinicians have a varying level of experience and background in dental radiography and many desire updated instruction on technique with digital sensors or phosphor plates. Newer technologies and aiming devices have evolved and adapting technique is often necessary. Compliance with state requirements is often in accordance with patient safety. This course will also examine a variety of ways to ensure patient safety while achieving predictable quality radiographic images.

Course Objectives

  • Examine the critical role radiographs play in the assessment and diagnosis of dental disease
  • Recognize advantages, varieties and limitations of digital xray systems
  • Identify common errors clinicians experience and solutions to overcome these
  • Examine the products available to help the clinician achieve radiographic success
  • Explore trends in radiographic technology and additional training needed to recognize disease and anomalies in varying image systems
  • Understand the rules and regulations pertaining to state requirements and other governing agencies


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  • November 8, 2017
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