The Polishing Spin – A look at the Science, History and New Technologies

Course Description

Polishing of the dentition is a topic of much debate. New, updated research allows us to reconsider our position on polishing. This program will provide current evidence based information on different aspects of the polishing procedure including the science behind equipment and technique choices, selection of polishing agents and various therapeutic products. The impact of these choices on the various surfaces and esthetic materials are examined. Various delivery systems will be examined for both therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Clinicians must consider the evidence when selecting polishing armamentarium, based on the patient’s individual needs and concerns. One size does not fit all and the least invasive approach is always the goal while delivering optimum clinical results.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the historical and current trends in coronal and subgingival polishing
  • List current types of polishing materials and technologies including those providing therapeutic and cosmetic benefits.
  • Evaluate ergonomic attributes of different polishing techniques
  • Explore the value of air polishing vs rubber cup polishing with different patient presentations
  • Discuss the current CDC Guidelines for handpiece sterilization


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  • November 8, 2017
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